Official Gresham College Android App

Gresham College has been providing free public lectures since 1597 and today has an online archive of over 1,500 lectures. The College was founded to provide free education to all, and with the launch of this free app this knowledge can be spread amongst many enquiring minds through todays modern mobile technologies.

This application, like all of our projects, is about creating an interactive application where sophisticated technology works silently behind the scenes enabling a seamless user experience.

We worked very closely with representatives for Gresham College; working out specifications, planning user journeys, tweaking designs, testing the flow of the application and honing video quality to give the best balance of quality over the available bandwidth.  The application has been designed to work flawlessly on a variety of mobile devices ranging from mid-level mobile phones through to 7″ and 10″ tablet computers.

We partnered with Maybeor who helped with the Content Management System that feeds the app with up-to-date lecture info. Helping to bring together an application that Gresham College are very proud of.

The final solution provides:

  • Download for offline-viewing.
  • Allow your curiosity to be indulged with lectures recommended by your interests.
  • Look through the library by recently added or popularity.
  • Browse the lectures by categories, tags or series.
  • Share your favourite talks with friends.

Gresham College on Google Play