When We See Repeating Trends We Get Inspired To Create Our Own Output

A mobile enabled platform helping retailers to link their on- and offline commerce, and build relationships.

Tapestry lets customers collect and curate items in- store, on their mobile and sends them content, offers and rewards about the same items. Winner of funding from IC Tomorrow to further develop and trial the prototype with Liberty, one of London’s premier retail destinations.

As well as creating a personalised mobile shopping channel on the user’s phone, the system provides the retailer with data about the shopper’s tastes. Tapestry gives retailers scope to throw rewards/discounts into the mix to encourage consumers to add more products to their virtual collection and/or chatter about them on social media.

Partnering with Everywhere who helped with the UI/UX direction and developed the Content Management System that feeds the app with up-to-date product info and Guided developing the brand, the strategy for the technology and resulting platforms. Interest in the technology has been phenomenal and is expected to be picked up and rolled out to other major fashion and arts brands.


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